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COVID-19 FULL REPORT by Country & Region - Confirmed Cases, Recoveries, Deaths (13 July 2020)

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Total Covid-19 Cases Worldwide: 0:01 Total Covid-19 Active Cases Worldwide: 2:02 Total Covid-19 Recovery Cases Worldwide: 5:33 Total Covid-19 Deaths Worldwide: 9:09 Total Covid-19 Cases Asia: 11:10 Total Covid-19 Cases Europe: 13:12 Total Covid-19 Cases America: 15:14 Total Covid-19 Cases Africa: 17:16 Total Covid-19 Cases Oceania: 19:18 This graphic representation shows the spread of the corona virus in terms of cases and casualties both worldwide and per continent in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. #covid19 #racechart #coronavirus Disclaimer: differences exist in the way each country counts its Covid-19 cases. Thus, the figures used in this graph are only indicative....
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