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E M E L - Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free) - Quarantine Session

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Kelmti Horra - My Word is Free @ere-we-looked Subscribe to my channel here: @E M E L Mathlouthi آمال مثلوثي Produced by Little Human Records Artistic direction by Emel Mathlouthi Lyrics: Amine El Ghozzi Music : Emel Mathlouthi Sound editing: Ahmed Jabkhanji Mixing and Mastering: Khalil Chahine at Musigma Berlin Video Editing and consulting: Taher Gorgi Order by appearance: Luce Goffi: Musician, France (Violin) Anne Berry: Musician, France (Viola) Widad Abdessemed: Musician, France (Violin) Sacha Patel: Musician, France (Horn) François Poitou: Musician, France (Bass) Pierre Makarenko: Musician, France (Oboe) Dora Vlad: Musician, France (Harp) Linda Patel: Musician, France (Flute) Juliette...
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